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Well, as I was trudging a long through many galleries on here, my eyes met with this lovely specimen of artwork. Potato, oh how you spe...



OH HOW I LOVE HER by TwiTheHedgehog
This is my second Fates joke I've made, but the only one I put here, lel. I'll find the first and upload it here, too.

I just want to look active because Deviantart loaded for once. :0 

i luv dan backslide and i love this short im so glad it's getting attention

im gonna put art here soon ive just been in a bad funk i guess

But I sketched a Charlotte that I really like today, so I'll probably line it and post it eventually. 
>when ya name is twithehedgehog and you havent drawn sonic stuff in ages
>gonna do it
toriel do tha smoke by TwiTheHedgehog
toriel do tha smoke
toriel smokes au everyone smokes


Lel, I coloured the background with pencil crayon REALLY hard and it sucked and don't do it.
Well. You can.

But I'll stick to nice and soft pencil crayoning.

This was another marker test, too. 
also flowey ye
Bunny by TwiTheHedgehog
It's a bunny with ice cream I drew to test out some markers and Sharpies.

I really liked it. I should be drawing more soon. I think I'm out of my art block.

I'm going to try to draw full pictures  daily soon and stuff. Maybe I'll just upload sketches as well.

I don't have access to the best scanner in the world, so it messes with my pictures sometimes.

:icon2tailedderpy: Tagged meeee. I've never done 'dese before. 

The rules of tagging are as follows:
1. You must posts these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them. 
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the persons you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal.

1. What is your favorite Anime?  

Too many to choose from..! But currently Onegai My Melody. I have others I started watching which may boot it from the spot, doe. 

2. What is your favorite video Game?

Don't have a specific favourite, as I love too many, but Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, Pokemon Fire Red, and a few others surround the top spot(s)..

3. What is your favorite Western Cartoon?

Ducktales, I guess?

4. What Genre of music do you listen to most and what band/group?

Too many. 

5. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Originally a veterinarian, then an astrologist, artist, ect.
6. If you were the president, what would you aim to fix first?

(*Prime minister) Um. I would fix my roof. .-. 

7. Who is the biggest dimwit you want to dispose of?

Too many to name. :v 
8. What Genre of a story are you most interested in? (Ex. Grimdark, Romance, Tragedy, Etc.)


9. What is your greatest fear/devil?

Devil? Uh. I think Prince Stolas is fuggin' cool. My biggest fear is dying, doe. 

10. What would you give anything in the world to see?

That is secretive. :v 

Um. Oh. I need ten questions to give out. 

1. Worst injury you've ever gotten?
2.What is your least favourite colour?
3. Which came first, the egg or the other egg beside it that you are planning on tossing out, as it's cracked and crud?
4. Do you like pizza?
5. Is pizza your overlord?
7. If you saw me on fall onto a road, and a truck was gonna hit me all srs-like, what would you do?
8. What was the most recent thing you said to your mother?
9. Why was six afraid of seven?
10. What is currently beside you?

I dun have ten people to tag. Um. 
I tagggg... :iconkuroutatane: , :iconsonomatic: and :iconphillywilly74: .

  • Listening to: pou
  • Reading: Too much.
  • Watching: Anime. Very slowly.
  • Playing: Work? Work.
  • Eating: nGFNjtryj
  • Drinking: Nothin'.


TwiTheHedgehog's Profile Picture
The Hash-Slinging Slasher.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm Twi! I'm really friendly, and love making friends, so if you need one, Just ask me!~
I draw a lot of things, but I don't post a majority of them. I'm kinda shy with a lot of my art. I draw for fun, so I don't push too much with it eiether. .u.;
I also take requests, I'll draw almost anything you want! I may be slow with it though, I'm quite busy.

SPEAKING OF PONIES; I have a couple ocs of pony-ism, of which I've only posted a couple pictures of. I will post more soon. Yeah.
Just kinda adding random stuff here now. Blarb.

Oh! If there is a rare occasion some one favourites my art, I uh..See..

I would TOTALLY thank you! I would! I appreciate everything! Comments, favourites, all that stuff! But I get distracted kinda...Really easily...Or...Yeah. D: I always look through the person's gallery though! ALWAYS. And see if I can return the favour...ite!~ .u.

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